Balea Lac

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

When is the best snow?

The best snow in our mountains you can find between middle of February until mid March.

Which area should I choose?

Both locations are easy accessible from an international airport nearby or by car.
Your choice should be done in the perspective of your training and experience with big mountain terrain.
Fagaras mountains are higher so you have to be able to control all types of snow, not only powder. You may encounter parts of the mountain with also windblown or ice or even slush at the lower parts.
Tarcu Godeanu has a more homogeneous snow. Due to its geographical position this mountain range has not so much winds and temperature changes. It makes it more easy for your legs to manage the 3.000 meters of vertical drop per day.

When is the payment to be done?

The payment of half of the amount of the fee for the package that you choose is required to be transferred via bank before your arrival and then you have your place reserved.
The other half is to be paid at your arrival at our mountain hotel before we start the program.

What’s the extra costs for extra flying time?

If you are willing to fly more then what we offer on our standard package the you can have more fun on the mountain for te price of 70,-Euro/100 m vertical drop/helicopter.
This amount split on the 4 clients heli occupancy would give you the opportunity to ski more with 17.5 Euro/person/100 m vertical drop .

Do I get money back, when we do not fly?

You will receive the money back except the amount you paid for accommodation, food, helicopter reservation, your mountain guide.

100 € if you ski less than  6000m
200 € less than 5000m
300 € less than 4000m
400 € less than 3000m
500€ less than 2000m
600 € less than 1000m
700 € if we cannot fly at all.

Do I get a refund when I come with my own car and do not need airport transfer?

Yes. in Muntele Mic you get a refund of 50 €, at Balea Lac you get a refund of 30 €



Where can I park my car?

 The cars are parked on a safe location in Muntele mic or close to Balea lac and easy accessible with any kind of vehicle.

Can I book, when I am on my own?

Yes. We will try to coordinate so you fit in a group, that is missing a person.


How good are the groups?

The groups are all in a good physical condition and should be able to maintain a relatively short waiting time.

Can I come with my group for a special date, how many people do I need?

Your group should be minimum 8 in Muntele Mic and 16 in balea Lac.



For Guides: can I guide my own group by myself?

We offer a guide/agency discount.

Maybe etc, any more ideas?


What’s the program like?

Day 1: Arrival day

We organize airport transfer from Timisoara international airport or Sibiu international airport (depending on the clients flight destination) to Muntele Mic mountain 3* hotel.

Dinner and meeting with the guides.

On the first evening we check on everybody’s equipment and avalanche transceivers functionality. We have spare transceivers.

Day 2 & 3: Flying days

On each flying day we guarantee 3.000 m vertical drop.

On a good weather and snow condition day, you get breakfast around 7 am. Then the helicopter picks you up from nearby of your hotel and in a matter of minutes you are on top of the mountain ready to drop. After a few turns you warm up and the fun goes on until lunch break.

The lunch is in the mountains, with a great view and the helicopter next to you.

Day 4: Weather day

We use this day as a backup day just in case there are some problems with visibility or snow conditions that makes it impossible to fly.

You can hang out in the resort, ski the trees or some slopes, or visit some objectives nearby. The guide is at your service.

Day 5: Departure day

We organize airport shuttle to Timisoara international airport or Sibiu depends on the flights you have to reach.

How many runs are included in the 6.000 m vertical drop (4 nights package)?

First of all it’s good to know that we are splitting the program in two separate flying days, each with approx. 3.000 meters of vertical drop.

One single run with us is somewhere around 600 m to 1.000 m of vertical drop in Fagaras Mountains and somewhere between 500 to 800 meters of vertical drop in Tarcu Godeanu mountains.

So you should be prepared for 5 to 6 runs per day in Fagaras Mountains and 7-8 runs per day in Tarcu godeanu area.

It’s enough for a skier/snowboarder with normal physical condition taking into account that between 2 runs there is not much time to rest, helicopter climbs fast.

Anyways you will have a lunch break when you start to feel tired.

How to book my Heliski Adventure?

  1. Choose your package on the Dates & Rates page.
  2. Register (for new customers) or login (existing users)in the column right under the videos.
  3. Make a reservation for one or more available places (logged in users only).
  4. We will confirm the availability of your package and send you the details for payment via email.

Which Helicopter does Heliskiromania use?

Eurocopter B3 AS 350

aka: Squirrel

Heliski und Heliboard in den Karpaten